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About Me

With over 25 years of experience working on commercials, television, film, events, live shows and 360VR.

From conception through to final delivery, I enjoy and perform all aspects of the CGI production process.
Throughout the process, I manage projects to ensure deadlines are met efficiently and within budget, maintaining the highest quality possible.
Most recently, I have developed UNREAL skills, building real-time stage sets and cinematics.

Based in south London, working remotely or onsite, alone or as part of a team, I am equipped with everything you need to complete that project.







Adobe Creative Cloud



Creative Design & Direction

CG pipeline from modelling & texturing, rigging & animation to high-end rendering

Fluid dynamics, particles
& cloth


Troubleshoot production issues

Musician (Trumpet Player)

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I’ve been fortunate to work for some great clients including:

Creative Works
Creating 3D opening sequences for Guns ‘n’ Roses Tour Shows 2016 to 2023 Stage digital backdrops. Fox Sports 2022 Qatar World Cup,
FOX SuperBowl 2017-2023 Event graphics, stings and commercials. More recently developing UNREAL setups for cinematics and games.

Stray Cat Communications
Various projects, more recently building 3D Virtual sets for awards events, using UNREAL.

Why You Thinking
Various motion graphics projects and more recently, 3D pack shots for UNROOTED energy drinks.

LEAP (Locomotion Digital facilities)
For over 20 years, creating 3D, VFX and compositing for Commercials, Pop Videos, Previz & Corporate projects.

Wolff Olins
Working closely with the brand designer, created a series of ident animations for NOS, the largest group of communications and entertainment in Portugal. 

Building 360VR sequences.

Amazing Spider
Creating a variety of 3D imagery and sequences for print and online.

Sweet Media
Creating a variety of 3D sequence for Commercial and Corporate.

New Angle
Design and create 3D sequences and graphics for various exhibitions, the latest work demonstrating “How a pocket watch worksat the British Museum.

Saddington Baynes
Pharma animation with X-particles

Motion graphic design for titles, content and printed promotional materials for two documentary films both for the BBC and Cinema release. Directed by Eugene Jarecki:

“Why we fight”
The film moves beyond the headlines of various American military operations to the deeper questions of why – why does America fight? What are the forces – political, economic, ideological – that drive us to fight against an ever-changing enemy?

“The Trials of Henry Kissinger”
Henry Kissinger, Nobel Laureate and the most famous American diplomat in history. This 80 minute film investigates charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Ben Lewis Television
Designed and created title sequence and content graphics for BBC documentaries, directed and presented by Ben Lewis. Also produced print merchandising, posters, DVD covers and leaflets:

A tale of dodgy acting and even dodgier accounting.

“The Great Contemporary Art Bubble
$86 for a Francis Bacon…$24 for a Jeff Koons…$100m for a Damien Hirst. A landmark, ninety-minute, international documentary on the new ‘Golden Age’ of contemporary art.

Sportsbrand Media
Design and create graphics for 2x News programmes, “Global Football” and “The World Game”, including titles, bumpers, results, caption and end credits graphics. Created animations in 3D and designed Aftereffects templates for weekly captions changes.

Various 3D and 2D motion graphics projects for corporate, commercial and exhibition/show installations.

Pioneer Productions
Designing and producing 3D simulations, titles and other graphic content for various documentaries including:

“Storm Hunters”
“Volcano Detectives”
“Paradise Exposed”
“Volcanic Vacations”
“The Year the Earth Went Wild”

BBC Television
Designing and producing 3D simulations, Titles and other graphic content for various documentaries including:

6 x 30 minute documentaries. Modern day explorer/adventurer, Benedict Allen, visits Eastern Siberia, one of the worlds most remote and inhospitable environments. Learning from the local Chukchi Indians he hopes to lead a dog team across 1500 miles of the most hostile terrain known to man.

Oxford Film & Television
Designing and producing 3D/2D, Titles and other graphic content for “Lionheart – The Crusades” Produced for Channel 4.

Designing and producing 3D/2D, Titles and other graphic content for “The Real Atilla” Produced for Channel 4.

“I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.” 

 – Vincent van Gogh


-Me too!

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